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Steady, steady. He told himself as he moved to approach his youngest child. “Ari…” Triton tried to call out her name but fell silent.

Ariel felt a set of eyes on her, slowly peering over her shoulder she spotted her father. For some reason all she wanted to do was walk away. She had nothing more to say to him. “Please stop following me.”

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I’m a damsel, I’m in distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day.

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Hospital escape//@toobtainanimmortalsoul


He smiled lightly as she spoke. “Its fine. I’ve been known to make nonsensical remarks from time to time.” Back when he was sheriff, when he made jokes that only he found funny. When he dropped comments that flew over most peoples heads. He was just that kind of person. 

"Here at least. I’ve been living in the woods for a while. Doing my best to survive without being caught by hunters or farmers looking after their herd." He didn’t blame them for shooting him really, though they could have used something other than silver. 

"I’ve been here yes, but never to this part. I’m used to not being a patient, more of a visitor role and such. After being shot I wandered in this direction. But I never thought anyone would find me, let alone bring me here."

It was a strange feeling that washed over her. She was glad to know that she wasn’t the only one who who made strange remarks. “yes….oh….” She really had no words to add to it. It would just be a repeated of rather strange sounding words.

She blinked a few times, picturing what he was talking about. “That sounds…that sounds….oh. Are you alright? Wait….I take it you like living in the woods, right? That’s your home. ” She twisted her lips, “I thought I really need to check about hunting here.” Ariel disliked that, having had her kind hunted for just about every once of their rare qualities she had a string distaste for guns but fishermen in her realm. “It was.” She squinted her eyes and shook her head, “It was Dr. Whale who brought you in, my husband. I really hope he didn’t insult if you while he pulled you inside.”

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She wasn’t going to understand. 
Nor would she choose to do so. 
The first stage, appropriate for 
emotion. D e n i a l. 
                    Yet either way, the angel sighed. 
                    Attempting to get it through yet 
                    again, even when his previous 
                    attempts remained futile. 

                                 ”I told you. There’s nothing. 
                                  Some fairy tales just—
                                                won’t have a happy ending.” 

"But…." She felt as though arguing might help in changing the outcome. Ariel knew deep down that there were no real happy endings. The life she had wanted for herself was always at odds with what her father, everyone wanted her to have. But the moment she found a small spark of hope it was extinguished.

Ariel lowered her head, “I would do anything, just anything if it meant that….please.”

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Love Joanna Garcia on @onceabc 


Love Joanna Garcia on @onceabc 

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        { ➳ }  ”Uhh, the curse. And
          swam? I wasn’t aware this
          world had mermaids!”

"Oh, ah….right." She knew about the curse but not so much the specifics on it. Quickly Ariel shook her head, "Umm… I don’t think so. I haven’t really checked, I mean. But there might be." She pursed her lips, "I’m not really from here….though."

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