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"Certainly seems that way to me." Regina was never really fond of the pair, now more so then anything. Of course her deepest hatred ran toward that Miss,Swan more then anything. He helped you. I can see how Whale could feel about that. But as long as you got your voice back no harm I suppose." Her last words caught her a little off guard however. "Your curse? To walk on land, it’s tied to Eric. My that is a cause for concern. Considering I assume you end up losing your life in the process if he ever as you said stop caring for you. Well while that is cause for concern. I highly doubt he ever will stop caring for you. You are the mother of his child after all, and he does still love you. Despite the pain I’m sure he’s putting himself through. It seems to me at the very least that there might always be a part of him that cares for you. Perhaps that’s something that can’t simply go away, lucky for you of course." Regina shrugged her shoulders. "Perhaps the two of you were in love with the idea of being in love with someone. I hear it happens quite a bit in fact." 

Regina smiled as she waved her hand away at her apology. “No, that’s quite alright. This is the most company I have had in quite a bit of time. And I have to be honest, I don’t entirely dislike it.” She let a smug smile cross her lips as she continued with her apple turnovers. “Well Whale does seem to be more clean I suppose. Though I didn’t exactly take you as the messy type either. Still yes, I rather don’t like him all too much. But the feeling is mutual with him as well. So everything evens out in a way.” It was interesting hearing about these mermaids, other beings she hadn’t really bothered herself with knowing too much about. But she had to hand it to them, they did sound fierce. “Well that sort of feeling appears when you’re with child. To fight for a child’s welfare. There’s no powerful feeling in the world then that.” 

"Most likely is the better way to go about this. Focusing on yourself. Of course you could always spend some time with your daughter, I’m sure even someone like Whale can understand that. I have no experience with children that old. But I’m sure she must be at that point where she wants to start living out her life. Of course like I said I know very little about that. But I suppose you should start spending time with her, before she busies herself in building her own life." 

Regina was taken a little by surprise by her words, a smile crossing her lips as she placed the apple turnovers in the oven, turning the timer on before she made her way over to the table and sat herself down across from Syrena. “Yes, I have been teaching Graham how to bake recently. He’s a good student, doesn’t try to burn the house down. He has already learned how to bake ginger cookies and a few other things. He’s still learning after all.’ Regina couldn’t help but chuckle at her. “Well I’m sure it’ll be just as fun as an amusement park. I’ll be happy to see you there once you’re ready to of course. I’m not sure if I would call me and Graham as cute but thank you. Actually I sometimes call him Graham Cracker, a nickname of mine that I decided to give him. Suits him in a way since he does like the cracker. It’s been a couple of months now. Though we have known each other for far longer. Actually I’m engaged to him now, funny how that works considering out past.” 


It felt so strange to be sitting with the woman everyone called the Evil Queen regardless of her new role in town. it felt like a completely different attitude with the woman. Even Ariel was laughing. The whole time while she was pregnant the first couple of months all she had was anxiety and panic. But Fred was her little miracle, it took magic to bring about her little Melody and here because this time she really took the time to know someone before attaching her heart and hope ti them she was given a gift. She alway had worried about what good things brought with them but this seemed to bring nothing but joy.

"I’m trying to find a way to untie our fate. More than ever I want Eric to be happy, and I know I’m not that person anymore. But I don’t think he will stop caring about me, not because of what it means to my life but because he’s like that. Caring, sweet and compassionate everything Whale isn’t. Whale is the opposite, he’s selfish rude and he fights me on everything. Me and Eric we were tow passive people, he wanted to escape into the sea and I wanted an anchor on Land. We tied ourselves to each other without thinking. We aren’t even sure if we were bound by that magic red string of fate; but I think it always belonged to Whale. It’s strange to think I saw him many times before my wedding after it. He just kept intruding on things and we hated each other as we did in Storybrooke. Even then he tried to figure out my ailment." She licked her lips. "Me and Eric we were fourteen, going on fifteen. We were infatuated with one another."

"Phew," She rubbed her belly and spoke to her son, "She likes us, Freddie. She likes our company but not your daddy’s because who in their right mind really does? he’s so annoying." She joked. "But really he is. He’s bad at making friends, really bad. Better at making enemies and just people who hate him in general…Oh, yeah, I’m the little more messy one. In his opinion. I like to collect things that catch my eye. Relics, things from other eras. he calls it hoarding, I call it a collection that maybe one day I might sell. Maybe."

The mermaid nodded, “A woman changes with a child. It seems as though she becomes a lioness. Ready to take anything down for her cub…but of course you’re right. I’m trying to give Melody space and be part of her life as much as I can. But I’m trying, she seems to be off in her own world like I was sort of at her age, five years younger than that…”

She nodded, ‘it sounds like an amusement park, and I can’t wait! Well I have to wait but I can’t wait and then when Freddie is old enough he’ll take lesson too, oh I can see him in my head with cute little boots and two front teeth missing taking riding lessons, me panicking because that’s what I do and Whale taking pictures.” She dozed off for a second and chuckled to herself. “That is so cute! You two are just so adorable together. Pet names are so cute.” She sat up when she heard they were engaged, “You’re really? Conflagrations! That’s lovely, how long have you been? Have you set a date for the wedding, is is going to be a ceremony. Don’t get conned like I did, Whale and me were married by a judge. he still owes me that big wedding he promised. But with the baby we might not do that anymore. If we wait a few years, we’ll have a ring bearer. So have you bought a dress? Have you looked for one, who are your bridesmaids? Oh, could I help with something?”


Rain’s body tensed at the sound of the name, but kept her mouth shut. For now. Her eyes widened and her muscles stayed stiff for a few more seconds, before, calmly and one-by-one, she made each of them relax.

" Immortal? You’re immortal? How so? " Again, her interest was piqued and the witch leaned in with wide dark eyes that seemed to suck in all around them, " Who made you immortal. Or were you born this way? "


The little boy began to settle down and suckle on the bottle. His little fingers wanting to take hold of the bottle but couldn’t. Ariel took in a deep breath, that she was able to handle him about now. It had been so long since she had an infant in her arms that the experience felt knew to her.

"Sort of, kind of I guess." She furrowed her brows, "No one made me immortal, I was born that way. I’m a creature of myth even among my land. I’m a mermaid. A mermaid with legs."



"Depends on what you’re looking for, really. If it’s something for stress pain, an organic way then yes I have it. If you’re looking for someone who isn’t named Muriel then I can’t help you."

"So you are the herb lady, sorry." She quickly apologized, "Yes, I was looking for you. I was having problems with. Well, I’m still sort of feeling ill after my son was born. I didn’t want to go to the hospital, I didn’t want my husband to know."

Many called her beautiful. She was not beautiful. She was red, and terrible, and red.



He took her hands, “You are the most beautiful thing in the world to me. You are the reason why i was happy and why I got up in the morning. You are my whole reason, Ariel.” He kissed her hands. “I should just leave you alone? Is that what you want? I could have watched you from afar but that’s not who I am. You’re my wife, the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. I will not for any reason give you up to anything. Not even your fears.”

Whale leaned forward once more settling on pressing his lips to hers. “I love you.”

There was nothing right about what was going on. Her fingers lingered on the door knob, her right hand turned the door to open. Her left hand pulled on the doctor’s collar. “I love you. I love you. I love you.” Were words she had always found difficult to say to him. Love was something she had always been afraid of. But with Whale it was different. She didn’t remember who he was but she felt it in her heart what they were supposed to be.

It wasn’t the same as it was with Eric. Not the same at all. She pulled him inside her home. “Oh, god.”



Whale cleared his throat and just turned he didn’t want to give her an answer not after that little spectacle but he didn’t want to make it seem as if he was ignoring her either. “I’m sorry. That’s not what I meant.” He walked back around to the couch and sat down. His first action was kissing the top of his son’s head and then leaning in to kiss Ariel’s cheek.

"You’re upset, you have every right to be. This the whole pregnancy was unexpected and I know you had reservations about having our son. believe me  I know. No one is pressuring you to do this——" He felt like a fool now. "Eric loves you, he isn’t going to do anything to you or our son. I might not like that he loves you but, he does.No one is going to hurt you or Fred, please you need to calm down."


He didn’t seem to understand what she was really afraid of. “No one is supposed to learn their future, Victor. No one is supposed to know. ” The little boy in her arms began to fuss when he felt his mother’s distress. She rocked him in her arms. “I don’t want to have another baby.” She wanted to cry, “They’re going to take her away from me. They’re going to take my daughter and we can…we can stop that before it happens. We don’t have to have a baby.”

She knew it was a selfish act to save herself the anguish of loosing her daughter and then having to say goodbye to her son when he makes the choice of going after her. “Is that my fate? To loose all my children. Is that what having these legs will cost me? That all my children will leave, one ran way. One will be in fear of his shadow and my third will be stolen. They are all playing for me wanting to look human.” She chewed on her lower lip, “I asked the fates when I was young if I would be married and have children; they told me yes and many. Why didn’t anyone tell me that this would happen?”

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" Frederick… " Rain paused, considering the name for a second, letting it hang in the air, " … You don’t look like you have a grown daughter. How do you looks so young? I don’t understand. How does this work? "  Rain’s curiosity had been piqued, now that such a thing had even been mentioned to her.

"Yep, his name’s Frederick Frankenstein, I think he takes after his daddy. The same blue eyes but his hair is a little like mine. I think hell grow out of it, not that I’ll be surprised. Red hair isn’t exactly a dominant trait in my family. It’s mostly Blonde and dark hair. I was the only one born with copper light hair." She smiled at her son. Almost every word was laced with a hint of laughter as she spoke,

"I was married very young, about fourteen. And then well, we sort of divorced later on I guess. After my daughter turned twelve-ish. She runaway from us and we looked everywhere. It was my fault." She looked down at her son, "Your mommy kept secrets and it hurt everyone. My daughter’s husband was furious, my daughter despised me for those few years. I’ll try to be talkative this time and share all I can with you. I’m glad my little girl has finally forgiven me. All I wanted was to protect her from the people who wanted to hurt us." She chewed on her lower lip, "I’m actually nearing my thirties, but I think the immortal side of me is keeping me youthful. I haven’t introduced myself, I’m Ariel. And I was a mermaid."


" Sorry…. for being rude, " Rain answered after a moment of hesitation, " I didn’t see your son. I’m sorry. " Slowly, Rain’s eyes turned downward at the child, her face softening to one of kindness that it hadn’t seen in years.

" He’s cute. "


The little boy pushed the piece of rubber out of his mouth and called for attention. He demanded his mother moved the bottle back with his little stern but heavy cries. “I got you, I got you.” She fed him. “Silly little goose, you’re suck a silly little goose. You’re so hungry and yet you push away the…” She pursed her lips forming a smile.

"You were rude?" She shook her head, "I’m sorry I barely noticed. Sleep deprived . I just heard you ask what you could do." She looked down at her boy. "Oh, he’s…don’t worry about it. It’s fine. Maybe we were both being rude. I think so yes,." She nodded. "Oh, oh, thank you. His name is Freddie, well Frederick. He’s my little Psalm. My second little one, my daughter is about twenty now. I suppose I don’t look like I would have a grown daughter would I? But he’s about a few months now. After I burp him, would you like to hold him?"