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nine characters - [5/9] - dr whale/viktor frankenstein

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"Mary Belle and the Mermaid" by Leo and Diane Dillon

I don’t know if this has already been made in gif form, but when I saw this post, I just had to make it. I laughed so hardn when I first saw it, so I had to. Obviously, the idea is not mine, only the gifs are mine. 

My little kitty came over tugged at my pajamas and sat on my lap to take me over to bed. She really wants me to sleep. My baby does this whenever I am at the compy so far (late at night) My kitty sleeps on my pillow with me or on top of me. Apparently now she can’t sleep without me. Night,

make me choosemuseelo asked: ruby or victor

Anonymous said:
HE DID THE THING OMG. HE DID THE THING. Wait. now he just did it cuz he nose. HE NOSE! HE KNEW! HE KNEW WHAT I WAS WISHING FOR! DAMMIT! HOW DID HE KNOW?! Or did he? Great. Imma gon be paranoid fo life.... THANK YOU THO JON! -roseanon

I still have no idea what this thing is. He did it? What is this thing? I have no idea, what’s going on now but the THING, what is it?

Anonymous said:
Well if I TELL him what the thing is then he'd just do it cuz he feels sorry for me so I can't but there's a thing that I have been wishing for a very long time and he no do the thing for me but does the thing for others and then I think well maybe I'm not good enough for the thing. You get? So anyways, I LIVE for the thing. Well not really I guess cuz I mean COME ON, living for the thing would be pretty sad. But it's still fairly important, this.. Well.. THING. And yeah. *CRIEZ* -roseanon


Oh, my god I have no idea what this thing is. But Jon, whatever the thing is do it. I feel so out of the loop here.

Anonymous said:
EEP! I GOT ELIZABETH BANKS KISSES! Hey whai jon no do the thing for me? I did the thing and he didn't reblog the thing. I AM NO GOOD ENOUGH! HE DOES THE THING FOR OTHERS AND NOT FO ME. *CRIEZ* -roseanon


What thing? I have no idea what thing you are talking about. What is the thing?

Anonymous said:
No one can mess with my gurl. See peeps? this right hur is mai gurl. She mai gurl and her BF is my bitch. hahahahahaha. He agreed to it. -roseanon


*Elizabeth Bank’s kisses*

Anonymous said:


Rosie! <3

You see unfollowers you are missing out. Now you will never get to see any pics of my kitty. We just got her a week ago and she’s the cutest thing in the world.

Also, how dare they unfollow, I thought I said I couldn’t be that active because I can’t move. So not nice.

And also, I love you too Rosie.