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The unfamiliar place was dimly lit in the darkness of the brisk summer night, and Esmeralda wrapped the cloak around her tighter, knuckles whitening as she did so. Her bare feet  were numb, the only feeling going to them was from the twigs and grass on the floor, causing her to wince every now and then as she glanced around, trying to decipher where exactly she was.


"You shouldn’t be out here-" The red headed mermaid peered her head out from behind a rather large stone wall. Leaves wrapped along the edges of stone, curling into and out of the crevasses. It was a earning that sprang from her lips not a threat. There were people that hunted and others with malicious intent that didn’t care who they hurt if a stranger got in their way.

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At empty tables | Frankenmer (cursed)



     He treated women nicely, when it afforded him a little something. But contrary to popular belief he wasn’t completely heartless. Whale cleared his throat as the conversation went a little too close to something he was prepared to face.

     Whale would for all intents and purposes date her. But he’d loose the one thing he had fished for, a friend. She was his only real friend and that was something worth keeping. He knew that if they dated and it didn’t work out they wouldn’t speak again, and that troubled him. I have them so do many people. He stared over at her sea green shade and felt the alcohol that wanted to circle his blood beg to be allowed in. He raised his arm and ordered a glass of whatever they had on hand. 

     She was beautiful. Syrena, she was his Syrena and he wouldn’t let go of her without a fight. of course—-but, you’re my oldest friend. I don’t think that would.  How drunk was he that he leaned into her face and pressed his lips against hers. See? Nothing, there was no sparks.

     His heart raced and yelled at him for more. But he would just have to quiet it down with another round of drinks. As he waited for it, he couldn’t help but picture her sitting on his face. But she was more interested in this cop in a elevator than him. That was life.

She wasn’t sure what it was about today that seemed to make the air unusually restless. Her eyes moved about as she waited for his cryptic answers. Usually hiding a hint of sarcasm, he spoke to her as if she wasn’t special enough to be dated or so she thought.

I know, lots of people have them but.... Nicholas has a prettier shade.

Syrena signed and looked back at the fries at her plate. They were almost done and that made her nervous. When she lifted her gaze , her lips were met with a surprise. There was that sweet taste of the sugary substance he had pour down his throat. As well as a small hint of something salty from the fires he stole from her. Stunned she clenched her fists wanting to hold onto him and pull him closer.

No sparks.

She repeated his words in sign. To him maybe there was nothing but something happened to her. And she felt the butterflies in her stomach churn and raise the acid to her throat. For a long time she had runaway from feelings of any kind.

That was really disgusting.

Syrena made a face and leaned back in the stool. She felt as though there were eyes on them now wondering if there was something between them. she shook her head as if to give them a silent answer. Never. Syrena would rather swallow Drano than be anything with the doctor.

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About today | Ariel +Eric



Erik blinked heavily at her words. He couldn’t register what she was saying until she was finished. “Would you?” He moved to cup her face in his hands, her sea green eyes flickered on and off when he began to block the setting sun behind him. “I would do anything to have you back, here with me. I would die for you.”

He let out a heavy breath as he moved closer, about centimeters away from her skin and lips. “I love you Ariel, come back to me…” Erik leaned in and pressed his lips to hers. At that moment he felt as though he had her back. That she was his wife and everything was alright. Their happy ending.

She pulled at his collar and deepened the kiss. Her arms moved slowly around his neck as they embraced. Ariel couldn’t take the touch of his breath against her skin nor could she stay in that moment in when her ears began to ring from the sound of the metal around her finger.

Ariel pulled back from the passionate kiss, “But I don’t want you to die for me.” She licked her her lips, his taste still on her the corners of her skin. “I want someone who will fight to stay alive.”

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An overdue meeting//@toobtainanimmortalsoul


It was clear in the way she was speaking, how her face lit up, that she truly did love Whale. “Well sounds like you both protect each other.” It reminded Regina of herself and Graham. How they agreed they would both protect each other. Even though she didn’t like Whale, she would never judge them for loving each other. Two people at odds with one another honestly how much of it was just like her own relationship with Graham? Too much of it was similar. She was sure no one understood how Graham could love her of all people. Actually at times she couldn’t understand why either. “I suppose when it comes to first loves, you can never really forget about the person. Being your first love and all. How can you. But it is possible to love someone else if not more. Like the way you love Whale for instance. I do hope you two stay as happy as you two are now.” She smiled at the other woman, meaning her words. 

"Why thank you. They taste much better then how they look. Why don’t you take try them?" She gestured at the turnovers now placed in front of her before she took a seat. "He does have a habit of saying such odd things now doesn’t he? Yes well I don’t much like watching television either but for a different reason then yours. I simply never liked the idea of just sitting down and doing nothing as I watch images dance across a screen. I don’t much like sitting still as I do nothing. I rather keep myself busy to be honest. Even if Graham sometimes insists that I rest. But me and him have two very different ideas when it comes to relaxing." 

Regina smiled, seeing how excited she still was. “Yes well he really is thoughtful at times. He does try. I admit I was pleasantly surprised when he gave it to me.” She couldn’t help but laugh at the story of how Syrena had gotten proposed to and well married. It honestly sounded like something Whale would do. “Not exactly the romantic type is he? But nonetheless at least you two got married. I’m sure if you really wanted a more elaborate wedding that he reject the idea of redoing the wedding bit. Of course that is if you had the idea to do such a thing. But yes I suppose you could call it an unofficial proposal of sorts. Since he did state he wanted to marry you.”

"No doubt it would be wonderful. Well the wedding is in about four weeks give or take. Still a long way but no doubt it’ll be here soon enough. Lots of things to do till then. But yes I’ll try to act surprised," She laughed. 


"Happier," She replied. Syrena’s own little wish for the future. The doctor and her were always at odds. Their constant fighting and squibbing would make for an interesting marriage. And that’s why she knew they would be happy regardless of whatever came their way. Because through it all they cared about each other and they had fought too hard and too long for one another to ever allow their love to be deterred. No one would have thought that the doctor would be with a mermaid. Not to mention the fact that she had found her counterpart already in the fable most children already knew in this world with a signing crab. Truths seemed so much more darker. She was a liar to the very end and and even she couldn’t forgive herself for basing her first marriage on lies she invented on the spot. Ariel would never forget about Eric, never. He deserved so much better than what she gave him. He was and would remain such a good man for forgiving her all of it. But despite all of that he continued to pursue his ex-wife and try to get her to change her mind about Victor. Always retaining that she was betraying their daughter most of all; and their kingdom. If they were forced to go back she wouldn’t really have a way of getting to Victor’s world. Her choice would be forced upon her. And that’s what she told him. To let her be happy with her doctor while she could and if the time came when they would be ripped from this world she would go back to being queen. Duties. Always above one’s heart.

"No, he’s not. But that’s why I like him. He’s sentimental when it’s convenient but he a;ways kept me on my toes. I never know what to expect from Whale." She chuckled, "He said he wants to give me a big wedding and right when we were planning it my father as always came to mess things up and give me another chance. So we’ve delayed and delayed, but soon maybe when we’re old. To renew our vows. And my little ones can be there and play and run around." She had already imagined what she wanted in her head but she knew it wasn’t going to come to pass anytime soon.

"Good, because I have a great big something planned. What are your favourite colours?"

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"Umm, this might be off limits but okay. Why does Hook like so many people? Including my mom?"

"Because he’s so full of……love?" She smacked her lips. "Okay, that one caught me off guard. Hook’s like that I guess. He likes your mom because who wouldn’t like her. Emma is special. She’s just wonderful. Why does you dad love her, you answer me that?"

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At empty tables | Frankenmer



      He offered her a grin though he felt heavy for some reason. This wasn’t his proudest moment. It wasn’t something he normally felt when it came to someone. But he thought it was only because she was like family to him.

     Whale in regards to relationships found that he had none; none that lasted a significant amount of time. He stared at her one more time, this other man found her beautiful. His eyes measured her lips and the curve of her chin. She had a round face and plump lips to be sure. Occasionally she had dry skin from lack of moisturizing. There was always a small white patch on the corner of her lips. Maybe she could be beautiful. Just maybe if she tried, he told himself.

     But in regards to her eyes, she had the loveliest shade. They sparkled at mid-day and her hair became fire at dusk. You meet someone in an elevator and he says you’re beautiful and you don’t think he’s a creeper? He mocked her, a tone of bitterness under each word expelled his disappointment. No. Instantly he regretted saying anything. What do you know about him? Besides that you met him in an elevator?

You don’t trust anyone do you? I mean come on; look at you. This guy is nice. He asked me out for dinner and he’s treating me like a lady. When the last time you did that for any girl? Syrena twisted her lips into a shy smile. She had been urging at something subconsciously but stayed quiet. He isn’t a creeper. He looked well. He has dark hair and these nice blue eyes. Syrena looked over at him and touched his cheek. She felt her heart pound in her chest as she touched him. You have blue eyes, I never noticed that.

She swallowed nervously and noticed what she was doing as she leaned forward slightly towards him. Her lips parted as if to subtly place them on his. The red head laughed off the gestured and turned her attention back to the fries on her plate. I know he’s kind. And it wouldn’t hurt to go out with him, you know? I don’t get many dates anyway. What? Unless you’d like to date me?

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About today | Ariel +Eric



"I didn’t care. It didn’t matter to me what you were before, just what we were now." It was a shock, to learn that the monsters that had taken his brother, Ariel had been the daughter of one of them. But he loved her. And the word monster seemed ugly to him now. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever laid eyes on. She was clumsy, uncoordinated and adventurous with her curiosity. She was everything he wasn’t and more. "I thought it would be okay but you never forgave yourself for it, even if I did forgive you." he sighed, "I knew you’d live longer than me. And that you’d marry someone else after, but I didn’t think I’d be there to see it." He wanted to be honest.

Nick didn’t turn to look at her, though the temptation was high. He was in danger when it came to her. Whenever he would glance at her, he’d fall in love once again. And even if he wasn’t near her for a long time, he’d still remember her smile against the August sun. 

His brow perked at the words. He didn’t know that her sister was here with her husband. “They found one another, then.” he nodded and glanced over at her though he knew it was a bad idea. “It’s fine with me. I’d love to see the little one.” It stung, not so much that she had a son with Victor Frankenstein but that she was in love with him. “So they were able to come back to each other after so much happened. That’s good.”

"You have to know I didn’t do it on purpose. I would never do something like that to you; I love you. I’ve loved you for a long time and I’ll love you far longer than I can admit. I don’t want to think about what I’ve caused you, that wasn’t…it wasn’t supposed to happen." She stopped and began to weep. A mournful desperation stayed on her lips as she cried. Ariel loved Erik, he was the father of her child. Her beautiful daughter Melody who was to inherit so much from the both of them. Melody was all the best parts of Erik and the worst parts of her mother. She wished she could have given more to their sweet girl but she was and would remain a horrible mother. "I wish I could take it all back, go back and just never have hurt anyone…."

She didn’t mean to apologize for Whale but that’s how it came out. Ariel loved her prince but she felt more drawn to Victor. She felt as though they weren’t tied together that at any time they could be separated but they wouldn’t let go of each other. They would drown in each other’s arms if they had to. But with Erik, she would save him rather than allow him to go down with her.

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His hand wrapped around her shoulders. His small fingers tok her hair and saw the sheer brilliance of her fire. Mordred felt his body move faster than it could have ever reached. Without speaking he mouthed the words thank you. And rested his head on her shoulder.

She was a bit weary as to what was going on. Her arms stayed wrapped around the little boy and when far enough she stopped. The mermaid looked back to see if there wasn’t anyone following them. “…..” She let out a breath. “I think you’re safe.” Ariel wondered if she should take him to her home, wondered if that was weird or not.

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"Can I ask you something?"

"Uh, sure. Shoot, Henry. Nothing is off limits."

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On the list fo things I shouldn’t have done. I watched that movie. Why did I watch it. It was horrible. Cannibal Holocaust, no one should ever watch that. WHY!?

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